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Sage creates music of traditional, contemporary and #experimental origin, combining #didgeridoo playing, #folk and throat singing, live looping and electronics. Sage produces original sound for didgeridoo and it’s modern heirs, voice, electronic textures, which leads to the unique and recognizable style that can be most fully perceived and enjoyed at live performances.


This record is an in-depth study of capability to compose music by means of an australian didgeridoo (yidaki) and its later innovative and experimental variations like didgeribone or overtone didge. Didgeridoo's authentic sounding mostly consists of certain music standards. While exceeding the limit of widespread styles of playing music, the record also covers the most exciting experiments with sound and composition and up-to-date, modern art bound trends of music narration. Each track is a story sending us to different culturological periods. This art work is aiming to represent didgeridoo as a full-fledged solo instrument as well as an ensemble phenomenon able to sound truly sophisticated and spiritual. credits released March 16, 2015 Composed and performed by Evgeny Tolstykh. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ivan Sergeev. Cover designed by Irina Nabieva.

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