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visit the artist's studio in Lisbon

Join this three-hour workshop to experiment with "scanography" — or scanner photography — and discover your unique aesthetic approach through every striking image you create.
marzia braggion flowers scanner art

Marzia will share her knowledge of scanner art and teach you how to transform three-dimensional objects into stunning two-dimensional images.

In the workshop, you will gain knowledge about utilizing the scanner's light and software to achieve superior quality images and experiment with various effects.

Scanography is an art from that involves using a flatbed scanner as a camera to produce digital images of objects or still life set-ups, often including everyday items, natural materials, or found objects. By adjusting the scanner's settings and placing the object on the glass, you can capture fine details like the veins of a leaf or the textures of a piece of bark. 

A unique aspect of "Scanography" is the ability to create surreal effects with vibrant colours by moving objects on the scanner glass.

This technique produces dreamy and abstract images, resulting in a unique and dynamic composition. 

  • No prior experience in visual art, photography, or scanography is necessary to participate. Everyone who is interested in learning and practicing scanner art is welcome to attend.

  • A variety of scanners will be available for use, but you are welcome to bring your own scanner and laptop if you prefer. You may also bring any object that you wish to see scanned during the workshop.

What you are going to find:
  • Three scanners and two laptops will be provided for sharing during the workshop. Additionally, there will be various objects such as papers, leaves, flowers, textiles, and lights available for scanning and experimentation.

  • Refreshments, including snacks and drinks, will be available throughout the workshop. You will also have the opportunity to indulge in a homemade tiramisu, paired with a glass of wine.

  • At the conclusion of the workshop, you will be able to select your best artwork, which will then be printed on high-quality photographic paper in a size of approximately 20x30 cm or A4. Your artwork, which will be included in a certificate of participation, can be picked up or shipped to your desired location within 15 days.

Additional info:
  • The workshop may incorporate a short walk near the studio to gather plants and other natural materials, subject to weather conditions.

  • Please note that the studio is home to two cats.

  • Spoken languages: English, Italian, Portuguese.

  • Workshop limited to 4/5 people.

  • The cost of the workshop is 50.00 EUR and is non-refundable. The value covers the print cost of your best scanogram. If you are unable to attend, please contact prior to the workshop, you can retain the value for the next workshop.

  • To purchase a gift voucher, individual sessions, or if you want to incorporate the workshop into an event, please contact

Join the Scanography Workshop

As there is a limited number of available spots, we advise registering as early as possible to secure your spot. Following registration, you will receive a confirmation email with additional information shortly. For any question please contact

Please be aware that the scheduled time for the workshop is 3 hours, however, if you feel inspired and creative, you are welcome to stay an extra hour.

Thanks for registering!

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