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The 12 Zodiac
Speaking Constellations 

The constellations exist within the realm of the heavens, occupying a space between the cosmic and the earthly domains. They offer insights from the cosmos, with each constellation containing a message aimed at elevating human awareness of natural laws.

The stars themselves serve as scanographs of genuine botanical specimens. Scanography, an artistic technique that employs digital scanning technology, is utilized to capture plants, flowers, seeds, and stones, which are then arranged into specific geometric patterns.

Given the symmetrical patterns found in nature, encompassing plants, animals, and more, it is believed that geometry may be the fundamental language of the Universe.

To create the voice of the constellations, a TEXT to SPEECH application was employed.

Video loop, 30'' each, 3840 × 2160

12  months - 4 seasons - 3 modalities - 365 days

alities nft platform celo connect

Will and desire are the sources of existence


ARIES is a fire sign ruled by Mars

21st March - 20 April


Life starts because energy wants to live.

In Astrology the 21st of March establishes the beginning of the year when everything starts to grow again. In spring, life comes into existence. Nothing can stop the energy of life.


Stay grounded and hold your energy field


Taurus is an earth sign, ruled by Venus

April 21 - May 20


Earth itself does not move, it is solid and stable.

This constellation teaches the importance to make a physical and healing connection to the earth's energies.


We perceived a shift in the fields of Earth


Gemini is an air sign, ruled by Mercury

21 May - 20 June


According to the first Hermetic principle "The All is Mind; the Universe is Mental."

The Earth is also a living creature with a mind, when her mind acts, the electromagnetic fields shift. Castor and Pollux (the twins) perceive this shift on the planet Earth.


All ideas build and shape reality


21 June ( summer solstice ) - 20 July

Cancer is water sign ruled by the Moon.


Shaping reality is one step before manifesting reality. Emotions create thoughts, thoughts manifest in actions, actions create reality, and reality provokes emotions.

This is the eternal loop of manifestation.


Gravity is the cause of perfect balance


LEO is a fire sign ruled by the Sun

23 July - 22 August


The strength of gravity keeps all planets in orbit around the Sun. Gravity is not a force, is a consequence of the movement of masses. Gravity is a stable and reliable authority in our realm, like Leo, rules and drives harmoniously what's around itself.


The movement of the planets reflects human minds


VIRGO is an earth sign ruled by Mercury

23 August - 22 September


Virgo is the Constellation connected to women and goddesses. Mercury the ruler, concerns the mind, determines how humans make sense of their world, formulate ideas and share them with others. Astrology itself is about how the positions of the stars and planets affect human lives


Duality is an illusion, nothing is separate from each other


LIBRA is an air sign ruled by Venus

23 September - October 22


Most western humans think that Libra is a mutable sign, it is not :) It's cardinal and it does not represent duality, but equilibrium.


An artist manifests beauty and passion


SCORPIO is a water Sign ruled by Mars.

23 October - 21 November


Scorpio includes the adaptability and sensitivity of water mixed with the fervor of fire.

This constellation exposes how to recognize a creative being: an artist makes beauty and passion visible.


Thoughts are untouchable things, they change dimensions and become reality


SAGITTARIUS is a fire sign, ruled by Jupiter

22 November - 21 December


Jupiter is called the "great benefic" a planet with positive forces, it is associated with optimism, abundance, and justice. When humans direct and control their thoughts, they manifest in 3D realm. This statement suggests not lying to yourself.

You can think about something you do not like or something that you love, anything you think will change dimensions, and become reality.


The power of intention is never-ending


CAPRICORN is an earth sign ruled by Saturn

22 December ( winter solstice) - 19 January


The intention is defined as “an aim or plan”. The power of intention is the power of a focused mind. When focusing our mental energy on something, we’re able to give more of our brainpower to it. It’s not magic, it’s our own innate tool (the mind) being placed into the right position to perform at its maximum efficiency.

Capricorn keeps humanity grounded and focused on practical matters.


The Earth resonates with the stars


AQUARIUS is an air sign ruled by Saturn

20 January - 18 February


Asteroseismology studies the oscillations in stars and their internal structures. The frequencies of these oscillations depend on the sound speed inside the star, which in turn depends on density, temperature, gas motion, and other properties of the stellar interior.

Air is one of the mediums of vibration. What's the medium between Earth and the stars?


Intuition is the capacity to be conscious of collective ideas


PISCES is a water sign ruled by Jupiter

19 February - 20 March


The psychiatrist Carl Jung coined the term "collective unconscious" and considered its influence on the lives of individuals. It consists of pre-existent forms, the archetypes, which can only become conscious secondarily and which give definite form to certain psychic contents.

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