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Planets in astrology have a meaning different from the astronomical understanding of what a planet is.

They are celestial bodies

that we see changing position in the sky.

Their characteristics are given by the brightness, movement,

qualities associated with the elements

and position in the heavens


Silvery and yellow stones represent

the shining shades of the Moon.

If the Sun in the King of the heavens,

the Moon is the Queen.

The Moon is also the fastest celestial body, 

it passes through all the zodiac Sign in about 28 days.

It is pictured like a circle,

and  divided into four parts, like its phases:

new, first quarter, full, third quarter


It’s represented by flowers of warm colors,

but not too much.

It is in fact a planet that is never very far from the Sun in its orbit.

Its crown made of red gerbera petals recalls the alchemical symbol of Mercury,

which resumes the caduceus,

associated with Hermes in Greek culture.


It is fertile,

like an edible plant that sprouts and bears fruit.

This is why its shape resembles that of a tree

made up of leaves and flowers of basil,

lavender, passion fruit and a wild carrot flower.


It is a symbol of power and force and represents creation, honour and richness.

Its light relation with the earth determines the day and the night.

The sun defines the earth cycles of life, the seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Its nature is Hot and Dry and it is associated with masculine energy.


It is a red planet, very close to tfhe Sun.

The yellows and reds of the chosen flowers reflect the ire element associated with it.

Red is the color in the sky

if we see Mars with the naked eye from the earth.


Jupiter is a planet of plenty.

It is connected to the Air element, represented by a feather.

It is a symbol of abundance, harmony, justice and equilibrium.


It is very far from the Sun.

It is cold and dry planet, associated to the Earth Element

It is related to austerity, isolation, responsibility and death. 

It is represented by dry flowers and a shell of a dead crab.

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