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Al sadu

carpet weaving

These video loops draw their inspiration from the time-honored tradition of Al Sadu carpet weaving, a practice deeply rooted in Bedouin cultural heritage. I've blended my artistic expression as a scanographer and I've meticulously selected natural materials such as flowers, stones and plants, some of which are commonly found in the Arabian Peninsula. These elements were arranged to evoke the intricate geometric patterns characteristic of traditional carpet weaving.

Central to my creative process was the iconic vertical looms utilized in Al Sadu weaving. This technique served as an inspiration guiding the animation of a decorative pattern within the artwork. Through subtle movements, I sought to echo the symbols, motifs, and luminous atmospheres reminiscent of the vibrant market streets of Qatar. In doing so, I aimed to capture not only the visual allure but also the cultural essence of Al Sadu weaving, weaving a narrative that transcends time and tradition.

The intricate geometric patterns inspited by the traditional carpet weaving
weaving loop starlish 10_HD.00_01_59_04.Still002.jpg
weaving loop starlish 10_HD.00_00_54_24.Still003.jpg
weaving loop starlish 10_HD.00_00_22_09.Still008.jpg
weaving loop starlish 10_HD.00_00_05_46.Still009.jpg
weaving loop starlish 10_HD.00_00_15_22.Still004.jpg
weaving loop starlish 10_HD.00_02_50_05.Still006.jpg
weaving loop unfold
weaving loop unfold
weaving loop unfold
weaving loop starlish 10_HD.00_02_22_19.Still005.jpg
weaving loop unfold
weaving loop unfold
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