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also called: scannography - scanner photography

Scanography is an artistic practice that uses digital scanner technology.
Instead of digitizing a paper document, the choice goes to an object, a part of the body, a plant ..
... it is a playful path
of research with infinite possibilities.

I prefer the scanning of plants, flowers, and small objects
that I find when looking on the ground.

What do I like so much about scannography
that has led me to practice it for years?

First of all, it's fun 🤗
The precision in preparing the scanner glass
is comparable to the zeal required in a darkroom,
except that with scanning
the result is as quick as that obtained using a Polaroid.

 The feeling of suspense and curiosity in waiting for an image to materialize on the computer screen,
to the mechanical sound of the scanner
it's wonderful.
I discovered an almost alchemical fascination
in the transformation of terrestrial elements into two-dimensional macroscopic images.

The geometry of plants and terrestrial bodies is symmetrical
It is captured in this way, in its smallest details
from a scanner.

Why not use it to represent what is symmetrical in the heavens?
Why not merge an empirical discipline of observation of the stars and Celestial Phenomena
with an equally empirical discipline of observation of terrestrial bodies?

On the other hand, if we consider the second hermetic principle of correspondence:
As above, so below; as below, so above;

Understanding the sky is given by observing the earth
and viceversa

The collection, cataloging and observation of terrestrial material
it is a task
for a SpaceShip

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