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🌿💚 The SpaceShip loves Nature and we want to share our love for plants with all the Earthkeepers out there! That's why we've created a special gift made with love and plants - Scanner art wallpapers for your desktop, mobile, or tablet. 😍

Laptop wallpaper sizes:

1600x1200 px 4:3

1920x1080 px 16:9

1920x1200 px 16:10

Mobile wallpaper sizes:

1800x2560 px

1080x1920 px 

1080x2220 px

Did you know that looking at symmetric images made with plants can have a positive effect on your consciousness? The perfection of geometry and symmetry found in plant patterns, such as leaves, petals, and stems, can be visually pleasing and soothing to the mind. When we take time to appreciate the intricate beauty of nature, we can experience a rise in consciousness and a deeper sense.

Plants and Flowers collected at Eco Aldeia do Vale

These are Scanographs of flowers and plants that were collected during a journey in Sintra, learning permaculture techniques.

Eco Aldeia do Vale is a research center in the area of sustainability. The center is dedicated to creating ecologically stable and abundant landscapes using agroecological techniques and principles. These Scanographs are a beautiful celebration of the beauty and intricate patterns found in nature, and a tribute to the principles of sustainability and ecological harmony.

Download your own piece of natural beauty

and help spread awareness of the importance of living in balance with our planet.

#1 Aldeia do Vale

cc by.png

#2 Aldeia do Vale

cc by.png

#3 Aldeia do Vale

cc by.png

#4 Aldeia do Vale

cc by.png

#5 Aldeia do Vale

cc by.png

#6 Aldeia do Vale

cc by.png

#7 Aldeia do Vale

cc by.png

#8 Aldeia do Vale

cc by.png

#9 Aldeia do Vale

cc by.png


These are Scanographs of some beautiful flowers and plants

#1 Hydragea 

cc by.png

#2 dry Rose

cc by.png
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