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The sphere is the unity's perfect symbol.

The fusion between nature and digital components reflects an equilibrium between the environment and the digital economy.


It is the center, the starting point, the grounded root and at the same time the component of a more giant cell: a collaborative community. This part, half natural half digital, follows its path, and it is linked to other cells. Even if they all have a specific orbit, they might cross each other to interact and exchange.

The connection is made with technology. It is the digital world integrating with the physical world.


Cooperation and connectivity are fundamental for social development in an ecosystem where there's prosperity for all. It guarantees financial inclusion and participation in a global economy.



I use plants and flowers, to express concepts and ideas.

I collect natural elements and scan them so they become digital.

After this first transformation, like in an alchemical process, the flowers and leaves are selected. They are cleaned and placed geometrically to give form to an idea.

.jpg file size:

8268 px X 8268 px 

70 cm x70 cm 300 dpi

24 MB


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