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EGG OF CREATION - Heptagon -

Art piece created for the nft-art exhibition "Inner Work" on 21st, 22nd May 2022 during the LisobnWeek

The NFT image ( not the video loop) includes a physical item 80x45 cm, printed on Ilford Luster fine art photographic paper and glued on
Dibond structure, NFT .jpg 9449 × 5315 px

"As a society we're generally focused on outer work, having a brilliant career, business, and meaningful relationships.
There's actually no outside without and inside, and even if they might seem different, they go together. 
Our outer realm corresponds always to an inner dimension, it is a mirror of our perceptions and reactions.

-Inner work- is first of all self-awareness, the capacity to observe ourselves. During this internal journey, we dig deep into our inner selves and start to distinguish our emotions, beliefs, and patterns of behavior. Our personality traits are like precious gemstones, hidden from the surface and the solid base of it. Shaping these gemstones means transforming ourselves in order to manifest what we want. This is real alchemy: to shape reality according to our will. The true inner work leads to the conscious eternal loop of creation: Thoughts generate words that generate actions that generate thoughts. 
What we think is what we say and when -we consciously mention it- it transforms into actions, that are going to create new thoughts. 

The heptagon is the geometric shape including the tools in our physical realm: 
7 colors, 7 notes, 7 heavenly bodies, 7 hermetic principles, 7 days of the week, 7 bodily chakras, 7 groups of crystal structures.

This is a digital collage of mainly scanner photographs (scanographs) . 

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