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photo by Nuno Gervasio

Marzia Braggion,

digital crypto artist, scanographer and video editor based in Lisbon


"I was born in the 80s, in the Italian countryside, in a small town called Conselve. Child of a seamstress and an artisan jewelry maker"

Marzia is an Italian visual artist based in Lisbon.

She attended Drama, Art, and Music Studies -DAMS- at the University of Bologna and she lived in Amsterdam during her Erasmus studies. Afterward, she moved to Lisbon. Attracted by nature and the calm atmosphere, she considered Portugal the ideal location to settle.


"I grabbed the opportunity to live abroad and eventually came to Portugal, where I delved into the language of filmmaking and became a seamstress of images"

Her passion for visual arts, photography, and cinema led her to approach new ways of experimentation, starting from analog LOMO photography to scanner photography, and from video editing to live video jamming.

Guided by the intention of enriching her technical skills in video-audio making and post-production, she studied at RESTART Institute of creativity and new technologies in Lisbon.

Being part of the Droid-id creative collective in 2011 was a step that profoundly marked her career as a video editor and VJ. Remixing music and images became her creative expression.

“Is there anything more uplifting than editing dreamy footage, awesome soundtracks, and inspiring conversations?”

Editing the Boom festival official documentaries since 2012 connected her to the psychedelic culture and the transformational experience it brings.

In 2013 Marzia embraced literally the Droid-id team quote making movies throughout the Cosmos and she started to study at the -Academy of traditional astrology- of Lisbon, founded by the researchers Helena Avelar and Luis Ribeiro.

Marzia started learning the interconnection between what is above and what is below. Astrology is a discipline that teaches the light relation between celestial bodies and the earth. The seasonal cycles and the Four Elements of matter now have a completely different meanings. They define a rhythm on this planet and describe an interconnection between all beings.

Getting closer to permaculture added another layer to her work. In -The SpaceShip Project- she fuses a vision about a new human paradigm very close to nature and the cosmos. Humans are not humans anymore, in this realm they are Earth-keepers. “The SpaceShip Project” merges the art of Scanography with a dedicated approach to the study of the stars and nature.

The collages she creates are inspired by the sacred geometry of nature. Marzia acknowledged that “geometry is the language of the cosmos” and through her art, she wants to open a conversation using the most natural communication with an elegant and psychedelic style.



Academia de Estudos Astrologicos,

Studies on Traditional Astrology


RESTART, institute of creativity, art and new technology

professional certificate, audiovisual post production


RESTART, institute of creativity, art and new technology

professional certificate, camera and lighting

1999 - 2005

Università di Bologna

certificate, Film/Cinema/Video Studies, 

I've studied the following disciplines:

aesthetic, geography - history and critics of the cinema, psychology of arts - theories and techniques of radio and tv language - methodology of social sciences - methodology and art critics - Italian modern and contemporary literature - history of photography - semiotic of the theater - music psychology - documentary cinema - ERASMUS Perspectives on video-games
( Universiteit Van Amsterdam) Sintax and English phonetics, ( Vrije universiteit )


High school, Amedeo di Savoia institute in Padova, Social and Psycho-pedagogical studies,

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