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the process of collecting and scanning

The artist behind the scanner art photography is in the midst of a creative project inspired by the abundance of spring flowers.

Marzia gathers various plants and captures their images using a flatbed scanner to produce unique and intricate pieces of art.

The artist is constantly exploring the intersection between nature, creativity, and technology, and is excited to share their progress with the world.

As the project progresses, Marzia documents her journey and shares it with her audience on a dedicated web page.

This page in fact was regularly updated with new content, showcasing the artist's process and highlighting the beauty of nature captured through scanner photography.

In the spirit of collaboration and support, the artist extends their gratitude to Muti Collective for their special support throughout the project. The final art pieces are NFTs minted in the Muti MintabaseStore, offering a unique opportunity for collectors to own a piece of the artist's innovative work.

#1 Collecting 

#2 Scanning

#3 Observing

#4 Selecting