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Set within the rouge #atmospheres and velvet fog of a deeper listening #environment, Absurd Lustre presents a cultural vision of exotica, dub and percussion music steeped in the nostalgia of field recordings, literature, spoken word and the nebulous forms of ambient and genre experimentation.

Bringing a world unknown to life through a cocktail effect of sensory delights, epicure and good company, a transitory space is created to sink, swim and hide in the estrangement of spatio-temporal immersion, wandering thought, and acceptance of the absurd. Like sherpas descending into a sonic ravine, this edition cuts a path through the sub-continental tropics of Berlin’s underground for #Arkaoda to assume the vision of an #ephemeral watering hole. With a soundtrack inspired by wild, thunderous, calm and stormy landscapes and fourth-world atmospheres; sound, vision, shadow and illumination sets the scene for a temporal realm to shine forth in all its absurd lustre.

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