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Clearing the EGO is the capacity to expand

I've created this digital art piece as an homage to biodiversity and also inspired by the words of Homaya Amar, a spiritual guide and mentor for healers. During the past weeks, I was listening to one of her masterclasses and I was particularly inspired by her way to analyze the concept of "EGO". What does mean to free ourselves from the EGO? Our Ego is in fact fundamental for self-esteem, and at the same time is what allows us to distinguish ourselves from the world. Homaya considers that clearing the ego is the capacity to expand and perceive ourselves as interconnected beings.

Everything that is inside the circle of ego is encapsulated, limited and rotating on itself. When the limits are cleared, it expands, and all its beautiful hidden shapes are visible. Its content is not deleted, it enlarges and it becomes part of everything. Clearing the ego is in fact the capacity to expand.

The technique I've used in Scanography or scanner photography. 
I've collected the plants for years and they're part of my collection of plants' biodiversity, 

video loop: 1920 × 1080 .mp4 1 min 98 MB

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