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visual crypto artist based in Lisbon

An explorer of scanography technique, blending astrology, sacred geometry and natural shapes to create inspiring digital art.

Every piece is a vivid and psychedelic vision, full of color, detail, and symbolism. 

Marzia Braggion is a versatile creative based in Lisbon, with skills in video editing, flower photography, astrology, crypto art, and scanner art. Her video editor portfolio showcases her technical expertise and creativity, while her flower photography highlights her eye for detail. As an astrologer, she creates unique natal charts using scanner art, and her crypto art portfolio is innovative and thought-provoking. With a diverse skillset and creative vision, Marzia is a standout in the industry. Contact her to bring your creative projects to life.

Astrology floral birth natal chart
scanography of flowers and petals on a black background
Video Editing and Post Production
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