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this is the digital artwork that I would like to exhibit

@Venus of The Metaverse


Venus in Pisces.jpg

With this Scanograph, I represent the celestial phenomenon of Venus in Pisces.

It will begin on February 25, 2021  2:20 pm UTC time

and will extend to March 21, 3:20 pm UTC time.


This image aims to describe the fertility of the planet Venus in a water sign like Pisces. Lavender flowers are at the bottom, creating 2 semicircles, like the astrological symbol of Pisces. A circular, almost uternine shape collects light and generates a rhombus on the top. It is made up of 16 poppy ovaries. 


I decided to create Venus in Pisces because it is a celestial phenomenon that happens once a year for about a month, it was also manifesting itself on the day of my birth and it's happening again soon :).


The Scanner Technology allows me to use terrestrial elements of the microcosm to represent the macrocosm. 

Here the video of me ( voice-over) describing VENUS IS PISCES

I invite you to check out the introduction video to the"Scanography" technique where I shortly describe the concept of The SpaceShip Project

Thank you!

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