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marzia braggion

Verified Crypto Artist 

is minting the Zodiac

According to the 2nd Hermetic principle
as above so below, as below so above
I've chosen the terrestrial realm to represent the heavens



Using floral elements and geometric shapes (leaves, flowers, colours),  
each star video-loop describes the constellation's nature reassembling their deep relation with the elements ( fire, water, earth, air).

I've used the flowers to represent the stars

Each Zodiac Constellation is formed by a specific number of main stars,
and it corresponds to the number of their NFT copies.

Minted on Rarible - Opensea


Astrologically speaking, the Moon and the Sun are also considered planets


They are celestial bodies that we see changing position in the sky.

Their characteristics are given by the brightness, movement,

qualities associated with the elements

and position in the celestial pattern

Minted on KnownOrigin -

my work was selected  for the  DIGITAL TRENDS episode 27: COLLAGE

you can watch it here

more about the the planets here