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marzia braggion

Verified Crypto Artist 

is minting the Zodiac

According to the 2nd Hermetic principle
as above so below, as below so above
I've chosen the terrestrial realm to represent the heavens



Using floral elements and geometric shapes (leaves, flowers, colours),  
each star video-loop describes the constellation's nature reassembling their deep relation with the elements ( fire, water, earth, air).

I've used the flowers to represent the stars

Each Zodiac Constellation is formed by a specific number of main stars,
and it corresponds to the number of their NFT copies.

Minted on Rarible - Opensea


Astrologically speaking, the Moon and the Sun are also considered planets


They are celestial bodies that we see changing position in the sky.

Their characteristics are given by the brightness, movement,

qualities associated with the elements

and position in the celestial pattern

Minted on KnownOrigin -

my work was selected  for the  DIGITAL TRENDS episode 27: COLLAGE

you can watch it here

more about the the planets here


Edition: Unique

Edition: Unique

Edition: Unique

Edition: Unique

Edition: Unique

Edition: Unique

From the Collection "Celestial Phenomena"  


Venus in Pisces begins on February 25  2021 at 2:20 pm UTC time and it extends until March 21, 3:20 pm UTC time.

This digital art describes the fertility of the planet Venus in a water sign like Pisces. Lavender flowers are at the bottom, creating 2 semicircles, like the astrological symbol of Pisces. A circular, almost uterine shape collects light and generates a rhombus on the top. It is made up of 16 poppy ovaries. 

I decided to create Venus in Pisces because it is a celestial phenomenon that happens once a year for about a month, it was also manifesting itself on the day of my birth :).


jpg file // size 7016 x 9921 px  - collage of flowers - scanner photography

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Edition: Unique



Collection: loops

3D objects are scanned to obtain a 2D image

Original audio track and video.

A video loop created with scanner light and real flowers. It is an animated scanography (scanner photography). The soundscape includes a singing bowl (distorted) and scanner noise.

I've generated the artificial voice using a text-to-speech app.

1200x1200 px - 50 MB 30'' mp4 - H264 - © 2021

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Edition: 5


While the solstices result in a change of the length of night and day, the equinoxes do not. The summer and winter solstices result in the longest and shortest day of the year respectively while the equinoxes result in an equal amount of daylight and darkness received all across the earth

Minted on Kalamint

Edition: 2/2  

Edition: Unique

Edition: Unique