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Dear Tamera Community
I had the opportunity to watch your "open call" message on INSTAGRAM
and also I visited the healing biotope in July. 

I'm not a designer, I'm an artist who creates digital collages using plants, feathers, flowers stones...
...and other natural elements. 

My work is inspired by nature, astrology and the universe.

I think my language can match your vision and we can create something beautiful
together in order to uplift humanity.

At the top of the page, you can see a few images of my artwork. 

I've studied astrology and most of my art is inspired by its concepts.
Here you can visit the:

After representing all visible in our realm, I decided to represent the INVISIBLE
and created a digital card collection ( ongoing ) 

which I think could be an inspiration for a 96-card deck

As each Cosmogram is represented by an image, I do think we can 
create a digital collage using mostly real elements collected on Tamera's land
(stones, plants growing there, feathers of birds, flowers, leaves...fruits...)

Here I attach few images, these are descriptive examples of what we could create.
If you want to check out the online INVISIBILIA NFTcard collection click here.

INVISIBILIA is a collection of messages from the Cosmos,
they will inspire your hidden knowledge and contribute to manifesting your will.
Invisibilia creates wonders, enriches your inner wisdom


If you wish to know more about the creative process,
you're welcome to visit the webpage about - work in progress -

Wishing you a lovely autumn
and looking forward for your feedback soon

Marzia & The SpaceShip Project
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